6.00am       REGISTRATION OPENS                           115 Junction Road, Shellharbour

6.50am       Race Briefing - Marathon                         Event Village

7.00am       RACE START - MARATHON                    Start Line

7.00am       Expo Opens                                              Event Village 

7.20am       Race Briefing - Half Marathon                 Event Village

7.30am       RACE START - Half Marathon                 Start Line

8.45am       Race Briefing - 10km                                Event Village

9.00am       RACE START - 10km                                Start Line

9.45am       Race Briefing - 5km                                 Event Village

10.00am     RACE START - 5km                                  Start Line

11.00am      RACE START - Lil Rascals                        Event Village

*Schedule is a guide only and can change at any time due or on day. All schedule changes will be communicated as early as possible.